VASIL APRILOV STR 67A Shumen Bulgaria

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In today’s world cities are becoming smart! Discover next-generation charging stations for electric vehicles that are efficient, durable and compatible with future technologies, integrated into smart cities! EnergYSolutionsBG is Bulgaria’s a company providing end-to-end consultancy service for electric vehicles. The company provides software, hardware, charging equipment, service, maintenance and technical support for electric vehicles. EnergYSolutionsBG, which transfers information and experience to companies for the spread of electric vehicles in Bulgaria, also offers different solutions to electric vehicle owners in line with their needs. EnergYSolutionsBG closely follows the world agenda and projects the solutions needed by its customers in advance and presents them to the market. Houses in At workplaces factories In large fleets In public car parks, shopping malls or hospital car parks EnergYSolutionsBG, which offers solutions wherever there is an electric vehicle, installs charging stations under the YeSCharcing brand, and provides free consultation and projects for the Solar Panel project of your Factories, Gas Stations and all major roofs with the YeSSolar brand. It offers innovative, environmentally friendly


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