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VES OOD was established in 1994. as a newly formed company specializing in the field of shoe production. The location of the enterprise is in Dobrich district

VES OOD It was established in 1994 as a shoe manufacturer company.

The annual production capacity in the two factories of the company with a staff of 180 people is 400,000 pairs of shoes. The company’s product line includes items such as shoes, boots and sandals; manufactured with high quality materials.

VES OOD realizes part of its sales on the domestic and international market under its own brands “VES” and “EMRELINI”. The company exports one hundred percent of its production to countries such as Germany, Italy and the USA. The company was awarded “Employer of the Year” by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria. VES OOD is also a member of DTIK (World Turkish Business Council). The company is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management and has successfully integrated and implemented in its production an ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system.

The location of the enterprise is in the Dobrich district, which is located in the North-East economic region of Bulgaria. The company carries out its activities in its own production buildings: one is located in Benkovski village, and the second is in Zernevo village, which are located in the Dobrich region.

The company employs 180 people. The two factories of VES OOD meet all requirements for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions in the field of production and management and create a favorable working environment for their employees. The company’s product line includes children’s, men’s and women’s shoes, boots and sandals, which are entirely made of high-quality materials. Every year, the company’s management and design team take part in world-famous fairs and exhibitions in order to maintain the modern and up-to-date development of their products in the industry. This contributes to the opening of innovative opportunities in the market by finding new concepts, materials and advanced technologies for the production of our shoes.

VES OOD works with countries such as Italy, Germany, France, the USA, Turkey and countries from North Africa, the Caucasus region, the CIS and the Middle East. On the European market, the company is known as a manufacturer of shoes with good quality and a wide variety of models. The company is strongly committed to clear principles, ethical and legal norms in the fields of human rights, education, health care, safety and the environment. These standards apply to all employees, suppliers and business partners worldwide.

VES OOD believes that high results in business are due to good cooperation in joint work with suppliers and business partners.


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